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What am I doing here? This is a conversation I had with myself a few months ago. What was I doing here. I have all my faculties. Doesn’t everyone fall down? No one can read my writing including me. I’m computer illiterate but who needs a computer anyway?


These are thoughtful question that I have been confronted with over the last few months. My two best friends have both died, and I don’t have any close relatives. My husband had seven nieces who are all married with children. They are sympathetic but busy. I just happened to have married a man with two children.


After my husband died I lived alone in a second floor walk up apartment in a convenient location. My friends (very few) likened it to climbing Mt. McKinley. The location provided a bus line, several restaurants, food stores, banks, movie houses and an easy trip to church. What could be nicer? I decided to plan my own future. With imagination, perseverance, financial possibilities, and the help of my stepdaughter I have solved my questions as to what I’m doing here.

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