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The Sunset for Florence by Laura Olsher

I am living at a recovery hotel. It brushes toenails with the sea.


The sun setting into the sea making ever changing multi-colored cloud shapes appear and disappear is my Higher Power.


This is how:


I become a part of the panoramic view each and every night.


The diaphanous clouds present themselves as sheep, lambs, lions, small auto cars, all colors, every hue of orange and red, redder, redder, pale blue-green aqua blue, dark blue, darker blue with the orange and red frames for the sheep and lambs and lions and darker blue and darker and darker and darker and darker blue and black and blacker and black. There isn’t a breath of fear or anxiety in my higher power sky.


It envelops me. I know the more I watch the sunset the less of my life I will fear.

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